Foodie Parcel

  • $84.00

Thoughtfully curated from Australian small-batch premium artisans. Natural locally sourced ingredients open up a world of taste that you won't find in mass produced products.

Beautifully packed, presented and delivered straight to your recipients door.  

Black and White Sesame Milk Chocolate by Jasper + Myrtle, ACT. 

Delicate, the sesame seeds add a new dimension to the creamy milk chocolate, with texture, crunch and a distinctive sesame flavour.

Australian Active Creamed TA10+ Honey by Southwest Honey, WA.

Sourced from the famous 300 year old Karri forests of the south west. Gently whipped until the natural honey crystals are broken into fine particles, the result a buttery aerated honey that is simply delicious. 

120gm Salted Caramel Fudge Bar by Smalt, VIC. 

Deliciously moorish Caramel Fudge bars sprinkled with cold smoked sea salt flakes. Irresistible and a crowd favourite.

300gm Herbed Spiced Nuts by Phillippa's, VIC. 

A mixture of almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, pumpkin, pecans and sunflower seeds coated in freshly seasoned herbs and spices, with a warm spice kick. 

500gm Natural Sultanas by Tabletop Grapes, VIC. 

Sunshine, soil and Murray River irrigation is essential for this mid-season fruit and its delicious caramel flavour. 

Distinctive Gertrude + Smith Box and Local Artisan Gift Card, VIC. 

Extra care is taken to make sure that our gifts are packed beautifully for a special unboxing experience for the recipient of your gift.